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Margo Sulmont

Strategic Planner

Margo is a planner/economic analyst as well as one of the founding members of Landwise. She performs market, financial, economic impact, and spatial analyses, while incorporating her background in design and data visualizations. Margo uses her versatile skill set to enhance the way Landwise engages with stakeholders and to creatively approach the planning process on each effort. Margo works across the full range of Landwise service areas, but has developed an expertise in working with institutional clients on diverse planning and real estate issues. She is particularly interested in how institutions can play a role in revitalizing surrounding communities through their land assets.

Prior to joining Landwise, Margo was a member of Sasaki Associates’ Land Use Economics team. During that time, she gained a broad planning experience by working on projects spanning multiple scales, regions and client types. She participated on strategic land use plans, institutional master plans, mixed-use development plans, and parks planning initiatives.

Margo received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Architecture from Wellesley College. She is a member of CREW Boston and active in community organizations focused on planning and policy issues in Cambridge.